Avoid scams cheap auto insurance in Houston

Scammers from outside of Houston have the potential to be the first to arrive at your doorstep after a disaster, whether it’s to offer you cheap Houston auto insurance specifically or questionable repairs.

cheap auto insurance in Houston

  • To protect your money from repairs, hire local contractors, get written offers, and check references. To ensure that the cheap auto insurance that they are offering you can verify the license of the insurance broker or the company that contacts you.
  • Quite more than one offer, having at least 3 offers will help you select which one has a chance of being the best in a group that contains one that is high enough or good enough to be true. Read well the conditions of the contract, the restictive clauses and the response times.
  • The offers must be on company letterhead with a telephone number and an address where they can attend, although the company that contacts you can offer a 100% online service as we offer it, it is necessary to verify the existence of the company.
  • Be very careful what you sign, scammers will try to convince you to sign a contract by calling it a quote or authorization just to visit your roof. And also do not sign a with blanks, cancel the blanks if you want to sign contract and keep a copy of what you are signing.
  • Beware of misleading language or ambiguities that can make you lose money each month and be left helpless when you need your policy coverage.
  • Skipping offers to drop your deductible, it is against the law for anyone to offer to drop an insurance deductible to turn the cost of the deductible into an offer. If this happens, do not hesitate to report.
  • Contact authorized personnel

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