What is the risk of not having protection for the vehicle?

Traffic in cities is increasingly intense and risks are everywhere. But, the risks of not having protection for the vehicle are impressive, the consequences of simple events, such as a minor collision, can be quite large, both in the economic part and in all the inconveniences that are generated. What is the risk of not having protection for the vehicle?

risk of not having protection for the vehicle

In this sense, vehicle protection is an excellent way to protect the person from various types of damage, as well as from a series of inconveniences that many times we do not remember, but that when they occur, take away our peace of mind. In this article we will talk about the main economic risks that a person runs when their vehicle is not protected, in addition to the peace of mind that makes the difference in the event of an unforeseen event.


  • Economic risks of not having the vehicle protected
    Let’s start with the part that hurts the most: your pocket. Vehicle protection is an investment that is made with confidence and peace of mind in relation to the vehicle, but what people most seek in this relationship is to avoid unforeseen expenses, such as those shown below.


  • Accident repairs
    No matter how careful and preventive your driving is, traffic is a collective place, dependent on the action of everyone on the road. Therefore, accidents happen all the time, with different levels of severity, and all of them generate some type of damage to the driver or owner of the vehicle.
    Minor collisions can cause damage to the fairing that can be resolved at a later time. But other situations can affect the operation of the vehicle, such as the breakage of glass and headlights or the deformation of a door, for example.


  • Payment of damages to third parties
    Another very big risk is that of causing harm to a third party. Even if you are a financially organized person, some types of repairs can take a real dent in your bills and the chances of this happening at a bad time are quite high.


  • Trailer costs
    Some situations can leave the vehicle unable to continue on its way, such as an electrical failure or if more than one tire is punctured at the same time. Now, have you ever wondered if this happens to you in the middle of a road trip, hundreds of miles from your home?


  • Loss of vehicle in a robbery
    One of the worst things that can happen, financially, is losing your vehicle to a theft. Gangs have become more and more specialized and the chances of locating a stolen vehicle that does not have a tracker or any security device are decreasing.


  • Peace of mind provided by vehicle protection
    Faced with so many risks, it is already clear that it is essential to have the vehicle protected to avoid damage. However, it is also important to highlight all the peace of mind that vehicle protection provides that end up reducing other types of risks that are not necessarily economic, but that generate very great inconveniences. Follow up.


  • Assistance in the event of a dry breakdown
    A dry collision can seem highly preventable, the result of the total irresponsibility of the driver. But in fact, yes, there are cases where it happens unpredictably. Imagine that you are on the road and you travel several kilometers without a gas station, or that there is a problem with the float that measures the amount of fuel in the tank. Whoever has vehicle protection has full assistance in this case, being able to activate the winch to take the vehicle to the nearest station.


  • Towing in the event of a power failure
    The more modern the vehicle, the more electronic devices it will have. And, consequently, the more prone to electrical failure you will be. This applies to all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trucks. The fact is, when a power failure occurs, important items can stop working, like the ignition and headlights.
    The electrical failure can have simple or complex solutions, only a specialized professional will be able to evaluate. Good vehicle protection provides this type of assistance, finding the vehicle where the problem occurred and taking it to a properly qualified workshop.


  • Reserve car
    A secondary consequence of any kind of problem with a car, and one that we often forget about this detail, is that you may need to stay in the garage for a few days. That is, not available for use. Therefore, the spare car becomes a fundamental element to minimize the impacts of the situation. Because that way, at least you can continue with the usual routine until the car is returned.


  • Performance of the appropriate professional for each type of problem.
    When we feel bad, we should find a GP who will evaluate the symptoms and refer them to a specialist in the area in question. The same goes for the car. We cannot always identify which type of specialist is the most suitable to solve the vehicle problem.
    With the help of vehicle protection, assistance is better targeted. Your vehicle is evaluated and sent to the right professional, without so many comings and goings. This makes problem solving faster and more efficient.


  • legal assistance
    Some types of events end up involving the courts, either for damage caused to third parties or public property, or for other reasons. The fact is that everything is much simpler and easier to solve when we have legal assistance in the matter. Not all vehicle protections include this coverage, so it is important to be careful when hiring.

Now that you know the risks of not having vehicle protection, find out how much you can save with vehicle protection.

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