About Us

We are an insurance company that covers the entire area of ​​Texas, we take care to provide the best service to our clients and in this way ensure their assets, and their integrity and peace of mind.

Focused on the needs of people and their rhythm of life in constant movement during the week, we take action to work one day on weekends. For that reason we work on Saturdays all day for you.

At Mark’s Insurance we have a team ready to assist you, whether you are an American citizen or a Spanish-speaking foreigner. Our entire work team can speak in the language in which you communicate best, ensuring effective communication.

In the same way, in our company we can process your insurance policies with the identification document that you have from your country, it can be a passport or a national identification. We understand that the documentation processes can take time, we understand that. you can carry them out with the peace of mind of having your assets insured.

At Mark’s Insurance we are known for being a committed and innovative company, for this reason you can carry out the entire process of acquiring your policy completely online. Clarify your doubts through the digital means of your choice and keep yourself safe against catastrophes, accidents, incidents and pandemics.

Thanks to our efficient work culture, quick response without complications for our clients, you can call us and carry out the entire process by phone or you can leave the information on our website and wait to be contacted by our team to give you all the information processed so that you can select the option that best suits your needs.

We understand the limitations that our clients may have when insuring. If your car has a rebuilt title and you have not been able to insure it, now you can comply with the law and drive with peace of mind because at Mark’s Insurance we accept rebuilt titles for our Full Cover policy.

In the same way, we understand the economic realities of each person and we work under the “best price” scheme. When we have the data of our clients we consult, evaluate between more than seven insurers and select the best options to offer you the “best price”.

Everyone in the Mark’s Insurance work team is able to offer you quality care with flexibility in each case, we understand the human nature that makes us unique and we work with commitment and flexibility to serve each of our clients and thus grant the best customer service.