Uber insurance in Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston

Finding Uber Insurance in Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Houston can be a problem in understanding auto and accident coverage. There are cars that cannot be insured for this type of work and policies can also overlap or can be invalidated.


Driving with UberX could invalidate your personal car insurance policy

Your personal auto insurance policy likely won’t cover you as you drive for a service like UberX. This is because private car insurance policies have a list of exclusions and commonly include “driving by contract.” If you are driving for UberX or a similar service, you should check with your insurance company to confirm if your policy covers this “commercial driving.” If not, you’ll want to consider purchasing supplemental commercial car insurance, although for many part-time drivers this may not be financially likely.


What can I do if UberX could invalidate my personal car insurance policy?

It is advisable to contact your insurance broker to verify if your insurance exclusion list includes “contract driving” to prevent you or your passengers from being stranded in the event of an accident. In the same way, you should make sure to clarify the amounts for both you and your vehicle.


What is recommended to drive uber and remain protected?

It is recommended to contact an insurance agent who can offer you Uber Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Houston specifically designed for these types of drivers.


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