flood insurance

What is flood insurance?

What is flood insurance? The consumer buys insurance against floods to cover his belongings, as well as his house, his car and his articles that can be damaged by the floods with his policy. Flooding is an accumulation or overflow of water that partially covers or submerges land that is commonly kept dry. Flooding is also the most common natural disaster in the USA and for this reason this type of insurance is so important.

flood insurance

Flood insurance covers things like:

Overflow of inland or tidal waters (such as storm surges)
runoff or accumulation of surface water (such as flash floods)
mud flow (such as mud flowing into the area of ​​lands that are commonly kept dry)

Flood insurance does not cover damages such as: broken pipes overflowing plumbing systems rain entering your home through a wall, window or ceiling

Residential property coverage

Most residential property policies do not cover flood damage. To defend your property from this kind of loss, you need to purchase flood coverage. If you live in an area with a particular flood hazard, your mortgage company will force you to purchase this kind of coverage for your property. However, everyone in Texas (including renters) needs to consider purchasing flood insurance.

Texas terrain changes over and over again thanks to components like weather and novel structures. Therefore, you may be in danger of a flood now, even if there was not previously. Several insurance companies offer their own flood insurance policies, or have the ability to provide this coverage as an endorsement of your residential property policy.

Auto coverage

Most auto policies do cover flood damage, continually you have purchased comprehensive coverage (also successful as “non-collision” coverage). If your only coverage is liability insurance, your personal car policy will not cover flood damage. For more information on auto insurance coverage, contact us.

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