Auto declared totaled

Auto declared totaled- What to do?

When insurance declares your Auto declared totaled, any insurance repair option is ruled out. At times like these, many questions arise and below we will answer the most frequent ones.

Auto declared totaled

What does “totaled”?
When the car declared total loss by the insurance company exceeds the cost of repairing it, there is not much that can be done. If the price to repair it approximates, equal to or greater than the cost of your car, it is possible that the insurance company considers it a total loss. Several companies have the ability to do this with your car even if the price to repair it is lower. You can consult your insurance provider to determine the cost of your car.

Do you consider that your car has a greater value?
If you think your car is worth more than the insurance company decided, you can try negotiating. Be prepared to show what price your car might sell for in your area. Try to get used car sales quotes and see prices online and look for local ads for vehicles similar to yours. Document any special features or custom parts of your car that are in good condition and consider that they can add value to your car.

There is the case of people whose profession allows them to repair their car themselves, in that case if you want to keep your car, notify the insurance company as far in advance as possible. The insurance company will subtract the salvage value of the car from the amount it planned to pay you.

The car can also receive a salvage title. Once your car is repaired, you will need to get a new title from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles before you can drive it and get new insurance for your car with a new title. Keep in mind that a vehicle that had a salvage title could be more difficult to sell or insure in the future, but you can count on us.

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